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Overview of Belmar Real Estate

Belmar, NJ, positioned gracefully within Monmouth County, is a seaside gem on the iconic Jersey Shore.


Belmar, NJ, a coastal gem in Monmouth County, offers pristine beaches, a vibrant boardwalk, and a tight-knit community. Beach lovers enjoy sunbathing and surf lessons, while the dynamic boardwalk caters to foodies, shoppers, and leisure seekers. Prospective homeowners can choose from beachside cottages, ocean-view homes, and more, with standout streets like Surf Ave, Ocean Ave, and River Rd. Education thrives with local schools and nearby enrichments in Spring Lake and Sea Girt. Belmar’s infectious community spirit is fueled by signature events and a well-connected transportation network.

Belmar is rapidly cementing its place as a top-tier real estate destination. From its idyllic beachfront homes to the luxe residences tucked away on coveted ocean blocks, Belmar’s diverse housing portfolio lures a wide spectrum of buyers.

The town’s unmatched coastal charm is accentuated by the serene beaches and unparalleled ocean and river views. Imagine waking up to spectacular views of the Atlantic or winding down your day with incredible sunsets over the river. This visual treat, coupled with the town’s strategic location, contributes to its rising real estate prices, showcasing its undeniable allure.

For the contemporary homeowner, Belmar offers a range of energy-efficient homes, adding a touch of modernity to the town’s architectural landscape. And for those who fancy proximity to other upscale locales, Belmar’s closeness to towns like Spring Lake is an added boon.

Headshot of Pat Mayer, Jersey Shore Real Estate Agent.

Pat Mayer Real Estate Agent

A pillar in the Belmar real estate scene, Pat’s expertise and genuine passion translate into unparalleled service. It’s not just about transactions with Pat; it’s about tailoring the experience. Recognizing that each client’s vision and requirements are distinct, she crafts a truly personalized journey. From first-time buyers and expanding families to savvy investors, Pat’s broad skill set ensures a seamless experience for all.

Deeply rooted in the Belmar market, Pat’s insights are invaluable. By keeping a pulse on evolving trends and leveraging a vast network, she unveils opportunities many might miss. Whether it’s pricing advice, negotiation strategies, or access to off-market gems, she offers a tangible edge. Beyond her professional prowess, Pat’s commitment shines through in her communication. Available and responsive, she believes in keeping clients in the loop, ensuring clarity at every stage.

West Belmar Real Estate Market

West Belmar, located in the heart of Belmar, is a harmonious blend of tranquil living and city amenities. The neighborhood showcases a varied selection of homes, from townhouses with inviting covered porches to sprawling waterfront properties. These homes offer enticing prices, particularly in comparison to adjacent areas.

The allure doesn’t stop at housing. West Belmar’s proximity to sandy beaches, scenic parks, and buzzing entertainment hubs ensures a balanced mix of leisure and excitement.

Types of Homes Available in West Belmar

West Belmar, with its vibrant housing tapestry, caters to an array of homebuyer dreams. This enclave offers a diverse spread, from cozy single-family homes with amazing porches perfect for Sunday relaxation to majestic waterfront residences that define luxury.

Single-Family Homes: These are quintessential to West Belmar’s residential canvas. Architecturally varied, you’ll find charming Cape Cods and classic Colonials juxtaposed with modern ranch-style homes. With ample yard spaces perfect for children’s play or garden enthusiasts, these homes beckon families seeking both space and serenity. And who could forget those cozy porches where residents can unwind and revel in the neighborhood’s ambient tranquility?

Waterfront Residences: Given its prime location adjacent to the ocean and Belmar Marina, West Belmar is a hotspot for waterfront properties. Dwellers here are privy to breathtaking views and immediate access to a range of aquatic adventures. From grand beachfront estates to intimate riverside retreats with covered porches overlooking the water, the options are vast and varied.

In West Belmar, each home tells a story, resonating with different dreams and desires. Whether you’re pulled toward the inviting ambiance of single-family homes or the lavish allure of waterfront sanctuaries, this area has it all. To navigate this eclectic market effectively, partnering with a seasoned local real estate professional to guide you closer to your idyllic home in this sought-after spot is a wise move.

Avon-by-the-Sea Real Estate: Street view of a spacious 6-bedroom home with a meticulously manicured lawn.

Surf Avenue Real Estate Market

Surf Avenue in West Belmar stands out in the Belmar housing market. Its stunning ocean views combined with immediate beach access draw homebuyers and investors alike. The real estate on Surf Avenue is varied, offering everything from quaint single-family homes to luxurious waterfront properties. Many homes boast scenic sea or river vistas, adding to their desirability.

Single-family residences range from traditional Cape Cod designs to more contemporary homes, all set in tranquil surroundings. Meanwhile, waterfront homes promise the allure of seaside life: imagine daily beach walks and afternoon boating right from your backyard.

The avenue isn’t just about homes; it’s a vibrant community. The nearby downtown area brims with shopping, dining, and entertainment. Plus, its strategic location ensures convenient commutes and travel.

Belmar Zip Code

Belmar, New Jersey has two zip codes: 07715 and 07719. 

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