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Overview of Brielle Real Estate

Whether your heart is set on grand beachfront residences or spacious family homes, Brielle's diverse real estate offerings won't disappoint.


While navigating the property scene in Brielle, having a local expert like Pat Mayer can make all the difference. With their in-depth knowledge of the area, they can guide you to prime spots, be it Tamarack Drive or Melrose Avenue.

But Brielle offers more than just an enticing real estate scene. Its reasonable median home prices, coupled with a plethora of amenities, make it an appealing choice for both families and investors.

The allure of Brielle doesn’t stop at properties; its pristine beaches are its crowning glory. Picture-perfect areas like Brielle Shores and Holly Hill offer the quintessential beachside living experience. And beyond the beaches, the town boasts a robust community spirit, top-tier schools, and a range of recreational activities.

Pat Mayer Brielle Local Market​ Expert

Brielle, a coastal gem in Monmouth County, offers a compelling real estate tapestry. From cozy apartments to lavish beachfront properties, the diversity here is undeniable. The town’s allure? Affordable median home prices juxtaposed against seaside charm and stellar amenities.
The heart of navigating Brielle lies in harnessing local expertise. Pat Mayer stands out, providing an in-depth understanding of the area’s offerings.

Beach enthusiasts will cherish Brielle’s pristine stretches, notably Brielle Shores. Beyond the coast, the town champions a rich community spirit, excellent schools, and abundant recreation.
Whether it’s iconic spots like Birch Drive or new developments, Brielle presents a myriad of choices. And with Pat Mayer’s guidance, finding that perfect nook becomes seamless.
In essence, Brielle is where affordability meets coastal elegance. Let Pat Mayer steer your journey in this captivating locale.

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Brielle School District

In the heart of Brielle, education is paramount. Families seeking the best find it here, not just in scenic landscapes, but in a school district that stands out.
The Brielle School District offers more than traditional learning. It’s a place where young minds are encouraged to rise, fueled by dedicated educators and a balanced curriculum. Academics are rigorous, but arts and athletics stand tall, ensuring every student discovers their potential.

Beyond classrooms, a world of extracurriculars awaits, from sports to arts, fostering connection and growth. For parents, it’s peace of mind knowing their child isn’t just learning but thriving holistically.
And there’s an added perk for homeowners: the district’s esteemed reputation naturally elevates property values. A top-notch education for youngsters and a wise choice for adults.

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Positioned ideally on the Jersey Shore, Brielle is where captivating charm meets absolute convenience. A jewel of the coast, its alluring beaches are a sanctuary for sun-seekers and wave-chasers. From lively Pleasant Beaches to the peaceful embrace of Brielle Shores, every beach-goer finds their perfect spot. But Brielle’s magic isn’t just in its sands. A hop away from bustling metropolises like New York City and Philadelphia, it offers the best of both worlds: coastal serenity and urban energy.

Beyond its beaches, Brielle paints a picturesque canvas. Whether it’s a leisurely walk down scenic Melrose Avenue or the allure of Holly Hill’s natural beauty, the town beckons with open arms. Pair this with exemplary schools and varied recreational outlets, and Brielle shines as a holistic haven. When it comes to housing, Brielle showcases diversity. From classic Victorians along Brielle Avenue to contemporary homes in emerging areas, there’s a home for every dream and budget. A harmonious blend of sun, sand, and community spirit makes it a standout choice for both longtime residents and newcomers alike.

Proximity to Beaches

Brielle’s proximity to New Jersey’s pristine beaches, especially the sun-kissed stretches of Pleasant Beach, is a testament to its coastal charm. Residents enjoy immediate beach access, from tranquil mornings on the sand to sunsets that paint the horizon. Beyond the popular Pleasant Beach, gems like Brielle Shores offer secluded spots to find peace with oceanic backdrops. Living in Brielle is more than a location; it’s a sun-drenched lifestyle, where every day feels like a seaside retreat. The town captures the essence of coastal living for beach lovers and those drawn to the rhythmic lull of the waves.

Local Amenities

Brielle serves up a delightful blend of convenience and charm. Residents have a diverse array of shops, from quaint boutiques to everyday essentials, right at their fingertips. The town’s culinary landscape is a gastronomic delight, offering everything from cozy cafes to upscale dining, all championing local flavors.

Beyond daily needs, Brielle ensures its community is well-served with health, financial, and professional services readily available. Leisure isn’t overlooked, with parks beckoning for relaxation and nearby beaches offering sun-soaked fun. And for those craving the buzz of city life, the cultural hubs of New York and Philadelphia are just a short journey away.

Quality of Life

Beyond its natural beauty, Brielle thrives on community spirit. Familiar faces converge during local events, from bustling farmer’s markets to melodious park concerts, forging ties that last a lifetime.

Education is paramount in this quaint town. The Brielle School District, bolstered by dedicated educators, promises an enriching experience for budding minds. It’s a town where the future shines bright.

And, while Brielle exudes a tranquil charm, it boasts conveniences aplenty, from chic boutiques to diverse dining hubs. Plus, the pulsating metropolises of New York and Philadelphia remain within easy reach. Homes in Brielle reflect its charm, from timeless structures to sleek modern abodes, catering to every aesthetic. Amid this picturesque setting, it’s a haven for creating memories and laying down roots.
Grand kitchen with luxurious marble countertops.

Tamarack Drive Neighborhood Overview​

In Brielle’s heart lies Tamarack Drive, a neighborhood renowned for tranquility and community spirit. Just moments from the Atlantic’s beaches, residents relish in coastal delights while being surrounded by lush tree-lined streets. Local amenities, including shops and restaurants, are conveniently close, ensuring the best of both worlds. The diverse housing, ranging from cozy homes to spacious townhouses, all set against a backdrop of natural beauty, makes Tamarack Drive a sought-after locale in Brielle.

Melrose Avenue Neighborhood Overview

In Brielle’s Melrose Avenue, charm meets convenience. Flanked by trees and picturesque homes, it radiates a warmth few other neighborhoods match. A short walk from the Atlantic’s sandy embrace, Melrose Avenue residents enjoy the best of beach living. Local amenities, from shopping to dining, are just around the corner, offering everything at one’s fingertips. The area boasts diverse housing, blending historic charm with modern comfort. A strong community spirit, marked by regular gatherings, makes Melrose Avenue in Brielle not just a place to live, but a community to belong to.

Brielle Zip Code

The zip code for Brielle, New Jersey is 08730.

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