Belmar: Top 5 Must-Try Restaurants

On top of Belmar Beach, Belmar is also a culinary haven that provides a wide selection of dining options. Whether you are craving for fresh seafood or a taste of international cuisine, Belmar’s culinary scene will have something to tickle your taste buds. You can stay in town for an entire day and you will not go hungry.

As a New Jersey resident, I would like to help you navigate the town as I share with you my list of Top 5 Must-Try Belmar Restaurants:

  1.  Mr. Shrimp

    For a taste of the Jersey Shore, Mr. Shrimp is your answer. This lively seafood market and restaurant offers a casual atmosphere with stunning nautical décor. Dive into a heaping plate of their classic fish and chips or explore their extensive menu featuring lobster rolls, fried clams, and fresh catches of the day. I have dined here occasionally  and I’ve already become good friends with the owner, Vincent. They have consistently served good food which I always enjoyed. There’s a reason for that: more than ninety percent of the products served at Mr. Shrimp are made on-premise, a philosophy that the owner strictly adheres to. This dedication to quality ensures a dining experience unlike any other, where you can truly taste the difference “homemade” makes.

  1. La Dolce Vita

    More than just a restaurant, La Dolce Vita fosters a sense of community. This family-owned gem, passed down through two generations, believes in the importance of family. That warmth extends to their customers, who are treated with genuine hospitality. Their diverse menu caters to a range of palates, ensuring there’s something delicious for everyone to enjoy. A Belmar staple, La Dolce Vita (“The Sweet Life”) lives up to its name. Situated right by the beach, you should not miss their signature Veal Saltimbocca or the decadent Lobster Ravioli. 

  1. The Grand Tavern

    Craving a sophisticated dining experience? Look no further than The Grand Tavern. This upscale eatery boasts an impressive wine list and a menu featuring seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients. Their dry-aged steaks are a must-try, as are the creative small plates perfect for sharing.

  1. Federico’s Pizza & Restaurant

    Operating for more than 20 years, Federico’s Pizza is my favorite pizza! If you’re craving for pizza, I highly recommend this pizza parlor. Frederico’s offers a vibrant and flavorful Italian dining experience. Their menu features all your favorites, from pasta and hearty soup to salad and calzones & stromboli. On top of that, they also offer gluten-free items.

  1. Comfi of Belmar

    Sometimes, comfort food is the ultimate indulgence. Comfi of Belmar offers a delightful breakfast and lunch menu filled with classic American fare. Their fluffy pancakes, juicy burgers, and creative omelets are sure to satisfy any craving. This food option is probably the most easygoing and has the coziest atmosphere in my short list.

This list barely scratches the surface of Belmar’s dining options. Explore the charming streets, discover your own favorite Belmar eats now, and perhaps discover your dream Jersey Shore home along the way.  If you’re considering a move to Belmar, I’d be happy to connect you with the resources and local expertise you need to find the perfect place to enjoy all that this wonderful town has to offer. I would be more than happy to be your Belmar Real Estate Agent.

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