Things to do in Brielle

Overview of Brielle

Nestled along the scenic Jersey Shore, Brielle embodies the perfect blend of tranquility and excitement, catering to a diverse range of preferences.

What to Expect in Brielle

This charming town’s allure lies in its serene coastal lifestyle and an array of activities for everyone to relish. From leisurely beach days where the gentle waves kiss the sandy shores to invigorating adventures like boat rides and fishing excursions that beckon water enthusiasts, Brielle offers a haven of relaxation and exhilaration. For those seeking family-friendly outings, the mini golf courses and Jenkinson’s Boardwalk promise laughter and bonding moments.

The lush parks and green spaces provide a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts, while delectable dining options and the vibrant local scene create a harmonious balance of experiences. With an abundance of year-round events and festivals that showcase the town’s spirit, Brielle is not just a destination but a welcoming embrace for families to forge cherished memories in this coastal paradise.

Nestled along the serene Jersey Shore, Brielle, New Jersey, offers an array of experiences for all ages. Its pristine beaches invite sun-soaked days of building sandcastles and beach volleyball while fishing and coastal cruises embrace maritime charm. Jenkinson’s Boardwalk nearby provides exhilarating rides and culinary delights for the family. Nature lovers can explore parks like Brielle Park and Central Park, and a short drive away, Fantasy Island Amusement Park promises thrills. Culinary adventures await at local eateries, and Brielle’s calendar is alive with festivals and events. Relaxation meets adventure in this coastal haven, perfect for making cherished memories.

Pleasant Water Taxi

If you’re looking for an amazing way to create unforgettable memories, I recommend the Pleasant Water Taxi’s Private Charters. For a special occasion or just a day of fun, their charters provide the perfect opportunity to explore. You have the freedom to choose how you want to spend your time – from cruising and taking in the sights to jumping into the water for a refreshing swim. The options for locations like F-cove, Treasure Island, and Flag Island are fantastic.

Brielle Cyclery

For cycling enthusiasts in Brielle, New Jersey, Brielle Cyclery is a haven of top-quality bicycles, expert guidance, and exceptional service. This beloved shop offers an extensive range of bikes to suit all types of riders, from road and mountain bikes to hybrids and electric options. The dedicated staff provides personalized advice and professional bike fitting for maximum comfort and performance. Beyond sales, Brielle Cyclery fosters a vibrant cycling community with group rides and expert mechanics for repairs. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cyclist, Brielle Cyclery is the go-to destination to explore the joy of cycling in and around Brielle.

Manasquan River Yacht Club

Manasquan River Yacht Club (MRYC) is a vibrant hub of recreational activities and community engagement. Sailing enthusiasts can take part in M-Scow and Manasquan River Pram races, with sailing programs for both adults and juniors. MRYC’s affiliation with the Barnegat Bay Yacht Racing Association (BBYRA) opens doors to engaging summer championship series. Tennis lovers can enjoy Har-Tru courts, private lessons, and league play, while boaters have access to docks for various watercraft. The club’s pool area offers swimming options and picturesque views. MRYC’s social calendar is bustling with regattas, parties, and dining experiences, fostering a tight-knit community.

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Shopping and Dinning

Brielle, NJ, is a shopping and dining paradise. From unique boutiques to sprawling malls, the town has shopping covered. Explore downtown for charming specialty shops and head to Brick Township for more options. As for dining, seafood lovers will adore the local catches at seafood restaurants, while international flavors are aplenty. Cozy cafes and bakeries provide perfect spots to relax. Brielle’s shopping and dining scene encapsulates the town’s charm perfectly.

Shipwreck Grill

Experience the charm of coastal dining at its finest at Shipwreck Grill, nestled by the tranquil Manasquan River in beautiful Brielle, New Jersey. This local gem has captured the hearts of many with its inviting atmosphere and delectable cuisine. Whether you’re in the mood for a seafood feast or a perfectly cooked cut of meat, Shipwreck Grill’s skilled chefs ensure every dish is a masterpiece. The friendly and professional staff go above and beyond to create a memorable dining experience, making you feel right at home. As a two-time Taste Award Chef of the Year recipient, the restaurant’s commitment to culinary excellence shines through in every bite. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the blend of casual elegance and delicious flavors that Shipwreck Grill has to offer.

Mariner's Cove Restaurant

Mariner’s Cove Restaurant, nestled in the picturesque town of Brielle, NJ, is a true standout in the dining scene. With a rich legacy as the original Breakfast Specialists of the Jersey Shore, they boast an impressive selection of over 300 omelets that cater to every taste. But it’s not just about breakfast – Mariner’s Cove offers an all-encompassing dining experience with a breathtaking waterfront view. The restaurant’s coastal-inspired decor sets the stage for a relaxed and inviting ambiance, making it a perfect destination to gather with friends and family. From the charming atmosphere to the delectable cuisine, Mariner’s Cove Restaurant is a cherished gem that promises a memorable visit.

Brielle Day

The Brielle Day Craft Show is a much-anticipated annual event that brings together the creative works of over 150 handpicked crafters. Set against the backdrop of the expansive 7-acre Brielle Park, conveniently situated next to the Brielle Library, this event takes center stage during the town-wide celebration of Brielle Day. Drawing participants from all age groups, this special day offers a delightful array of activities and entertainment options. Notably, the craft fair stands out as a major attraction, consistently drawing up to 20,000 visitors from the tri-state area. Amidst the festivities, attendees can relish in fire truck rides, savor the convivial atmosphere of the beer garden, and tap their feet to the tunes of live music. Undoubtedly, this annual affair serves as a unifying force, fostering creativity, enjoyment, and a strong sense of community.
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