Things to do in Sea Girt

Overview of Sea Girt

Sea Girt, New Jersey, is a picturesque coastal town along the Jersey Shore, known for its beautiful and clean beaches, iconic lighthouse, and family-friendly atmosphere.

What to Expect in Sea Girt

Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the boardwalk, explore parks and recreational facilities, shop at local boutiques, and savor fresh seafood at various dining options. The town hosts events and festivals throughout the year and is conveniently located near other popular Jersey Shore destinations. It’s a perfect place for a relaxing seaside getaway with a range of activities for all ages.

Sea Girt Lighthouse

The Sea Girt Lighthouse is truly an icon of Sea Girt that I always make sure to visit. It’s a timeless symbol along the coastline, and I find myself drawn to its history and the breathtaking views it offers.

Constructed back in 1896, this lighthouse holds more than a century’s worth of stories within its brick walls. It’s fascinating to think about how it once guided ships safely through the waters of the Jersey Shore. Its unique design and the way it stands tall against the backdrop of the ocean make it a captivating sight that I can’t get enough of.
Aerial view of homes by Wreck Pond in Sea Girt, showcasing the picturesque residential area.

Shopping and Dinning

Sea Girt goes beyond its breathtaking beach and offers an enticing array of shopping and dining experiences, making it a complete destination for those seeking retail therapy and culinary delights.

Exploring Sea Girt’s shopping scene is a treat for all. The town boasts an eclectic mix of boutiques and specialty stores, catering to a wide range of preferences. From stylish clothing and accessories to charming home decor items, you’ll discover treasures that cater to every taste. Whether you’re in need of beach essentials or aiming to refresh your wardrobe with fashionable finds, Sea Girt has you covered.

Sea Girt Beach

Sea Girt Beach holds a special place in my heart. Nestled along the stunning New Jersey coastline, it’s a haven of relaxation and beauty. The moment I step onto its soft, golden sands and feel the gentle touch of the waves, I’m transported to a world of serenity.

The presence of the historic Sea Girt Lighthouse nearby adds a touch of nostalgia and charm to the experience. Unlike some of the more crowded beaches, Sea Girt offers a sense of tranquility that allows me to truly unwind. I love strolling along the shoreline, taking in the picturesque views, and finding a cozy spot to lounge and soak up the sun.

The well-maintained surroundings and the inviting waters make it an ideal place for both quiet contemplation and fun-filled beach activities. Whether I’m reading a book under a gazebo on the boardwalk or building sandcastles with my family, every visit to Sea Girt Beach is a cherished memory in the making.

The Ridgewood House

The Ridgewood House in Sea Girt, NJ, rich in history and warmth, stands as a testament to the legacy of Mary Schambach. This large white home with a yellow awning, built in the late 19th century as a duplex and later transformed into a single dwelling, has been a beloved fixture in the community since 1968 when Mary, a former World War II Civil Air Patrol pilot, moved there with her family. The Schambachs maintained the 13-bedroom property as an inn, evolving from daily to seasonal rentals over the years. Each room, adorned with beachy patterns and named individually, features paintings by Mrs. Schambach, adding a personal touch to the guest experience. The walls are decorated with family photographs, embodying the essence of a home filled with love, tradition, and a passion for life. The Ridgewood House, known for its rigorous guest selection and warm hospitality, has become a cherished part of many lives, offering a unique and intimate stay by the Jersey Shore.

Outdoor photo of the Ridgewood House sign, marking the entrance to this historic property.


Fratello’s in Sea Girt, is a charming Italian restaurant renowned for its exceptional steaks and seafood. This venue is capable of accommodating groups ranging from 10 to 100 guests, making it an ideal spot for both intimate romantic dinners and large family gatherings. Guests are welcomed in a casual dress code, adding to the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Additionally, Fratello’s is celebrated for serving the best martinis in town, further enhancing its appeal as a go-to dining destination in the area.

Logo of Fratello's Restaurant, symbolizing its reputation for fine dining and Italian cuisine.

Ray's Cafe

When you’re in Sea Girt and craving a delightful beachfront dining experience, Ray’s Cafe is an absolute must-visit. Situated right along Ocean Ave, Ray’s Cafe effortlessly captures the essence of beachside relaxation. The atmosphere is laid-back and welcoming, making it the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a delicious meal.

From succulent shrimp to delicate scallops, each dish showcases the culinary expertise of the chefs, who masterfully enhance the natural flavors of the seafood. The combination of great food and the soothing sound of the waves makes Ray’s Cafe a true coastal dining gem.

Rod’s Olde Irish Tavern​

Rod’s Olde Irish Tavern holds a special place in Sea Girt, cherished for its inviting ambiance, vibrant energy, and delectable cuisine. Situated right in the heart of the town, Rod’s has been a cornerstone of the community for over seven decades, making it a true local icon.

When you enter Rod’s Olde Irish Tavern, it’s like stepping into a bygone era. The warm and welcoming interior is adorned with antique decor, creating an atmosphere that’s rich with nostalgia and utterly captivating. Whether you’re grabbing a seat at the bar or sinking into a cozy booth, the instant sense of belonging is simply irresistible.


Barlow’s is a true hidden gem nestled right here in Sea Girt, New Jersey. This boutique garden center is an absolute paradise for plant lovers like me. The moment you step in, you’re transported to a world of beauty and tranquility.

What really sets Barlow’s apart is their incredible selection of plants. Whether you’re searching for vibrant flowers to liven up your garden, lush greenery to bring calmness to your space, or unique succulents and cacti to create a captivating arrangement, Barlow’s has everything you need. Their staff is super knowledgeable and always ready to offer expert advice, making sure you find the perfect plants for your unique preferences.

Sea Girt 5K

The Sea Girt 5K is a cherished tradition that just celebrated its 32nd annual race. It’s more than just a race – it’s a whole community event. There’s a 5K run/walk, a special sprint for the kids, and plenty of fun activities for them too. What makes it even better is the live music, custom t-shirts, and an awesome after-party at Fratello’s Restaurant & Bar. It’s a perfect day filled with fitness, family, and fun.
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